Busy Bee

Things have been on the up and up lately.  I've been busy with planning and hosting that Fun Felt Party for Celeste this past Thursday.  It turned out so cute and we had a great crowd come!!  I know it was a great success!  Pictures from that are below.
Something fun happened too.  I was featured for Kate's first birthday on Thirty Handmade Days, which, to me, is an awesome accomplishment!  Go check out Kate's party along with other fun ideas!!   
Also, I got my taggie blankets back finally!!  It was such a relief to get those back.  I was a bit worried that I'd be screwed over even more and not get them back.  Anyways, so i'll be posting those at the Blog Shop real soon to sell.  

Just had to tell you guys too that coming up this week, you could win some sweet stuff from our Blogshop.  Celeste and I are donating some things from the Shop to Duke's Birthday Bonanza:

Duke's Birthday Bonanaza!
 You could win one of these, your choice:

or this cute set of clips from Celeste:

There are also many many more prizes that you could win so go check that out!

So here are some pics the Felt Party.  Celeste is so talented and creative.  She has so may adorable ideas!!  Go check out her SHOP as soon as you can!!
Click on this pic to see all of her fun clips up close!
Aren't those cute?!  And this is her hair clip holder that she's starting to make to sell.  I love pink and black!


Me, Nanci, one of our giveaway winners, Celeste and Jaqline

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