Happy Birthday Joe!

What can I say? Joe is getting old. :)

We celebrated his 29th birthday on Sunday. It's weird to think that I am now the age that he was when we met way back when. I mean, he's almost 30! (no offense to anyone who is that age) I mean, Aging comes with wisdom, which is totally the case with Joe. He's so stinkin' smart. Anyways, we started the day with homemade waffles then headed off to church. When we got home, I let him do whatever he wanted, which was take a nap. I then made our infamous Green Mountain Pizza, always a favorite around here. Then I made him a Fudge Marble cake with homemade chocolate frosting. It was yums.
Here we are singing..he looks enthused..

Anyways, I just wanted to say that I am so grateful for Joe and our years together. We'll be celebrating our 4th year anniversary tomorrow as well so it just flies by!

I'm grateful for Joe because:
  • He loves me:)
  • He does what he needs to do in order to provide for us even when it stinks and hard
  • He makes his own lunch so I don't have to in the mornings
  • He lets me have fun times with friends...probably too much!
  • He lets me be me
  • He loves to watch movies, just like me!
  • He is such a great dad to the girls
  • He always makes time for them when he comes home from school, even when I know he's so tired and wants to just crash on the couch!
  • He loves me :)
  • He takes the garbage out to the dumpster
  • He cuts his own hair
  • He takes the girls swimming or just outside so I can have a break
  • He loves me
ANd I love him too!
Love you Joe!
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