Is this acceptable to you?

So to conclude with the other post about the taggie blanket order, I finally got them posted. But it doesn't have a happy ending. Ok so I got them made, shipped them out and then yesterday morning, got an email from the lady saying "I got your taggie blankets. They are not acceptable and I can't sell them in my store. I want a refund."
Good morning to you too...
She went ahead and made a dispute through Paypal and so what could I do? I hadn't set any clear rules at the beginning regarding returns and such so I had to comply. But she stated in her dispute that the material used was not what she expected. They are pretty but not worth $200. So she's sending them back today and i'll have a huge storage of taggie blankets on hand, I guess. I'll just sell them on my blog shop, but STILL!, a week's worth of effort down the drain because it wasn't what she expected. What did she expect?! The pictures I had posted of the taggie blankets look just like the ones I sent. So I think from this, I am not sure if I even want to deal with wholesale! Drama Drama Drama!!
Anyways, let me know what you think, if they are acceptable or not...

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