Kate's 1st year Scrapbook

I am finally done with Kate's First year Scrapbook. I am blogging this for many reasons. Mostly for myself, and then for my friends who wanted to see a finished product of my scrapbook template. So here you go!
I should say that this template is very flexible in how you want to do it. You can use any colors and can alter it any way you like.
I did mine a 12x12 album because it gave me more room for pictures. I bought an American Craft album that you can decorate the cover yourself, kind of gives it a personal feel to it.
Here's the title page. You choose your favorite picture then stats and a fun quote or something of great significance.
Here's the delivery story and memorabilia from the hospital page
This is the other page for hospital pictures and memorabilia
This is the "First HOme" page. I forgot to take a picture of Kate in her car seat, coming home for the first time so I improvised. Emma's album, though, has it on this page. You can put your home address and commentary about her first home.

Some more pics of "First home" experiences. You can also take pictures of the new baby in their "1st outfit" or pictures of their nursery or whatever you like.
Here's the "mother" page. YOu take 2 pics from your own birth and then one of the child, kind of see similarities and differences.
Then the "father's" side, same thing

THen here's the "whole family" page. You can describe the family's anticipation over the newcomer Some more family support pics. My sister came out for a week to help out so I have some of her with my kids.
Here's the "date' page. This page acts as an envelope to hold the birth certificate (which is not in there because I needed it!) You explain all the happenings on their birth date, like what was going on around the world
Significant events and things that was happening around that time, like gas prices/president/or other things going on with your family.
Here's the "adorable pictures throughout the year" pages

Here starts the monthly pages, 1 page per month and you highlight the best pics for each month. You also write down milestones or things abbout how they are growing throughout that particular month. Here is the 1st two months and last two months of Kate's 1st year.

Here are the milestones page, with dates and things she accomplished, like rolling over, eating solids, crawling, smiling, walking (if it's applicable...and in this case...nope!)

Pictures giving examples of those milestones

THese next two hold their 1st birthday pictures. Not up to that point yet though, I need to get them developed but you get the idea!

This is the last page of the album. On their first birthday, mother and father write love letters to the baby! A really great idea. Sadly, we keep forgetting but I hope to get that done!!
This is a really easy scrapbook template and can be altered to fit anyone's creativity :) Let me know if you have any questions!

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