The Real LIfe

So things have calmed down around here and we're just hanging out and trying to have fun and not have anyone cry (me included)

So here are some funny/cute pics i've collected over the past few weeks. Just a warning, there are some pictures that have "feminine products" in them...but I figure probably all viewers of this blog are women and it's pretty funny, I feel it should be fine.

One day, as the kids were playing, I walked in to find Emma was 1/2 way on Kate, huggin and kissing her cheek. Kate was just lying there, laughing, letting Emma smash her. So I grabbed the camera and they were still just being silly. I was dying. Another funny story was Kate catching my eye as she slid down the hall backwards on her belly. I did a double take, wondering how she was doing that. Come to find that Emma had her by the feet, draggin her down the hall and Kate was just laughing...I started cracking up! They are starting to get so funny and silly and I love it!

Here's what I was talking about above. Emma had found my box of tampons and upwrapped like 1/2 the box and put the unused tampons in the garbage..I don't know why or what she was thinking but it was a shocker when I walked into the bathroom to find it.

Here's Kate being her happy, clingy, never want to be from my side, self...

Here's Kate in the car, being her cute self.

We had a big weekend this past weekend. Joe's parents, 2 of his brothers and sister came out to visit us. Camilla stayed with us while the rest of his family stayed at the Stephen's, a friend of the family's. It was a great visit and we did some fun stuff. Camilla and I went downtown and walked around and had lunch and then joined his brothers at Splashtown on Friday. Saturday, JOe, me, Camilla and the girls hit the outlet malls and took advantage of the tax-free weekend they had. Then last night, all the kids (not Emma and Kate) went to the Batmad movie on the IMAX and it was so good. Joe and I hadn't seen it so it was fun. His family left this morning and it was good to see them again. But we all know they came out to see and play with the girls. I can't complain though since we get free babysitting and house cleaning (Thanks Margie!). So it was a great weekend and now onto a normal week ahead.

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