Picture Catch-up

Update on me:
Yesterday, I had my doctor's appointment. Still a "2" but we set an induction date for Oct. 27th at 8 AM... So he'll be here then or earlier, if he decides. But i'm not betting on it. My body doesn't go into labor on it's own. So I hope it all goes well.
Can I brag for a second?
Emma's total labor/delivery was 6 hours.
Kate's total labor/delivery was 3 1/2 hours.
Boy total labor/delivery? 1 hour? Awesome, i'll take it :)
No I can't assume anything! We'll just see how it goes. But it'd sure be nice, be home in time for lunch ;)
So with a week and half left of having a family of four, i've have become lazy and stay home all day playing with the girls. But I do venture out to the library weekly!

We have done some fun Halloween activities like coloring scary pictures, cutting them out and taping them on the door.
Yesterday, we make Halloween-shaped sugar cookies...with delicious frosting. YOu can't go wrong there.
And i'm avoiding the scale at all costs...
Oh and today we watched Nightmare Before Christmas. I take pride in hearing my girls sing, "THis is Halloween, THis is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween"
Ok so picture time:
Some of these pictures are really old. But I haven't felt the "load pictures on blogger" vibe until now so I gotta get them on now before the baby comes.
The first bit are from UT when I went up for a week for fun. Across and down the street for my house is a garden. Brother Peterson told family to do pick some Cantelope so my brother JC and I took the girls to the corn field. Kate wasn't liking the scarecrow.
Kate frolicing in the grass

Where's Emma?!

Jumping on the rocks

Next, we went to Thanksgiving Point's Pumpkin Extravaganza.
Here are the cousins Emma, Kate, Abby & Collin
Now seriously, did they want to start a statewide meltdown of every little girl by having this attraction right next to the entrance?!
Because that's what happened when we attempted to take off anything princess with this girl...
Let's just say she had a breakdown for a good 45 minutes after we left that area.
This is jsut too funny...

THey had this really cool trampoline type thing that the kids (meaning Jenny & Aaron as well) played on for like 30 minutes.

Oh how cute...
And....Kate's done.

And there was a fun tractor ride that went in a small circle 2 times.

Emma wanted to pull the kids, so nice...
Back to Vegas...

The other day, Emma decided she wanted Blue eyes.

Here's what i've been busy doing in my free time. More Here

Here's our scary pictures!

And Kate's been into the whole diaper changing thing and taking off her clothes and peeing under the table and all that fun stuff. Here she is wiping her baby. So cute :)

So that's it for now. But we still have till the 27th for fun. I'll try to keep posted :)

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