Journal Entry #3: The Plan

So Tee minus 33 hours to go before #3 comes!
I'm nervous...really, truly nervous!
I'm excited to not be pregnant.
I'm impatient to see this little guy.

Here's the plan or here was the plan a day ago.

My parents drove down today from UT to visit, watch the girls while I went to the hospital and had the baby. Then they can come visit in the hospital and the girls can see their brother! My parents are to stay here until Wednesday morning, where they will drive back with the girls. They will stay in UT for about a week.

(Such a nice relief to know they will be taken care of and that I will be able to really recover and relax with just 1 kid for a week...but it will be so so weird!)

That was the plan until this morning. My sister-in-law had some extreme pain and some weird things going on with her body so she had to go to the ER this morning! So my parents had to delay their departure to watch their little baby until 11:30 am or so.

Come to find my SIL somehow was infected with Hepititus A...poor girl! So while she's in the hospital, my brother still has to work and go to school. So they need help with the baby. So my parents had to cut their visit and trip short. They left at 11:30 am this morning, came in town around 7 pm, did a very quick visit, and then turned back around with the girls to UT.

It was kind of a shock and took some time to sink in that my girls would not be around when their brother would come. This is definitely harder on me then them. They were so excited to drive back with Grandma and Grandpa and go to UT...which I am so glad that with the change of plans, they did awesome. It was just hard on me because, well, I am a planner! I like to keep to a set schedule or plan. It is much more comfortable that way, to know what to expect!

So as they left around 8:30 pm tonight, I was definitely sad. Tomorrow is going to weird without them here!
And Joe still has to go to school so I have a whole day without so weird! Didn't think that would happen again.

But I have definite plans for myself tomorrow:
Sleep in.
Return library books and DVDs.
Pick up/clean house so I will return from the hospital to a clean house (nothing better!).
Finish up last minute things I want to do before baby #3 comes.
And probably take a few naps.

Again, it's just going to be weird but it will be nice to have a kid-free day.

But I already miss them...even though they'd be in bed right now...just knowing that they are in a car to UT kind of spoils it!

So I should get to bed so I don't exhaust myself. Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring ...
And especially what Tuesday brings!
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