Let's Rewind...

So let's go back in time for a second. There are things that I haven't placed in history that I want to so this post is for that.

Emma has been quite the Da Vinci lately. She loves to draw! Here is some of her work. These are princess's. Don't you love them?! I love to see how she sees the world. I especially love the circle puffy sleeves that she's put on the dresses. Oh seriously, I love this girl...

Another reason I love this girl?
That's my girl...
Ya that was a surprising phone call. I definitely was surprised by her behavior and maybe i'm being protective of my child but Emma only acts out after being provoked so I think something else happened that the teacher didn't see.
And there were something other smaller behaviors that she was doing that kind of tipped off that she wasn't ready for pre-preschool so after this mishap, we pulled her out. Luckily I was paying monthly for this so she was in it for a month. She had fun but I think I will do this again next year and she'll be much more ready for appropriete behavior during play time.

My girls being silly, doing their "funny faces". I love them.

And here's my little cherubim having fun on the potty.

So these are kind of fun. On Craigslist, I was lucky to find a local photographer that was looking to build her portfolio so she was doing free maternity photo sessions. So I jumped on it! Her name is Chelsy and her website is Cardin Creative. I thought she did an excellent job, and for free? You can't go wrong. Plus, she was over at my home yesterday taking a free newborn photo session of LUke and should be getting those within the week! Can't wait to see them :)
These were from her facebook account. And I was also able to pick 2 pics for a free 8x10 and 5x7 print. Not too shabby :)

Now onto another talented photographer. When I went to that craft fair back in October, I met Kelly Gettys. She is a up and coming photographer herself and asked if she could take pics of me and the family to build her portfolio. Her website is called Captured by Kelly. It's under construction right now. So if you live in LAs Vegas, check her out as well! They turned out so great and I love the family pics too. Thanks Kelly!

I really like this one minus my double chin...dun dun dun

These all turned out great. I was really happy that I found some great people who were so generous to my family and I. Thank you ladies!!

I have more pics of Luke coming soon. I know you are dying ;)

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