Necklace & jewelry Organization Tutorials

I desperately needed something done with my jewelry. I was sick of having them in boxes and getting tangled up.
Then I saw this DIY jewelry organizer.
I was amazed and determined to make that. So I hit all the thrift stores in search of a wooden silverware holder, thinking I would easily find one!
Well no, to my dismay, nothing!
But in my wanderings, I found this:

It got me thinking...I could definitely use this for my organizer!

So first step was taking out the shelving.
They were loose so I secured them with some wood glue.

After they dried, I used my mini jigsaw and cut the shelves to the sizes I want. I turned the whole thing vertical.
Then I painted both pieces white...or my husband did..since i'm 8+ months pregnant :)

Then I measured the spaces for the next steps of modge podging paper on the back.

Nice ;)

Then I had to put back the shelving.

Then I used my drill and make holes and added in cabinent knobs to hold the necklaces

Then I glued a piece of dowel on the back so it would be angled a bit so no piece of jewelry would fall off.

And here you go! Atop of the necklace organizer is my earring organizer.
I had an empty frame and hot glued a large piece of lace that I found from this really cool store...the lace was like 25 cents a yard!
Anyways, lace or even tulle work great to hold earrings!

This has been so nice! The smaller cubbies, I use for rings or stud earrings or bracelets!
It is a great addition to my room :)

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