Wood Crafts

So here is what i've been up to the past few weeks. I have had these wood blocks for a while now, waiting to be crafted. I got them almost a year ago from one of our Crafty Clique monthly craft nights. I've had some of these ideas for awhile and some I just recently got and added my own twist to it.
When I was in UT visiting my family, my mom and I painted all of them then she had an electric sander so I took care of that there too. The phrases are all paper that I have modge-podged on there then I added embellies or ribbon.

These pumpkins were fun. THe faces are handcut paper that I modge-podged them on. The stems are dowels that I cut with my mini hacksaw and glued them on with wood glue then the "leaves" are ribbons. This came from ideas from Tip Junkie & Jennie's blog, both awesome inspirations :)

These last two are very similar..which one do you like the best? I can't decide!

I made all this originally for a fair I went to but it ended up being more of a flea market so the audience wasn't right for this so I didn't sell a whole lot. Which deep down am glad because I wanted to keep them for me to decorate for my own house!
THey are way easy to make too! THey are just normal 2x4's from Lowes that are cut up in different sizes...it's all up to you!

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