Princess Festival 2011

I'll be chronicalling my adventure in UT when I went last month.  I left June 9th and came home June 22.
My first big adventure we planned was the Princess Fesitval.  We had heard about it weeks before the trip so my sister and I already knew this was going to happen with all the nieces.  Each girl was instructed to come dressed up and meet all their favorite princesses!

 Here were some random characters...have no idea who they were...and another funny story..see that canopy in the background?  They were doing hair and painting nails.  We all got so excited and ran over.

The lady asks for a pink ticket.
Me: "Oh we don't have one, where do you get one?"
Lady: "You purchase tickets at the front."
Jenny: "Okay girls, let's go, we don't have a pink ticket"
Lady: "Oh, well we can get started on them while you go get the tickets"
Me: "Um, well, we are going to...pass..." seeing how it was like $12 for hair and $10 for nails.
SIL Natalie: "Abby, I can do both those things at home for free"  really loud.
HA  so there.

Girls playing Down by the Banks with Sleeping Beauty & Princess and the Pea.

next we made our way to Cinderella for the show.  It was actually really good and entertaining..(andlongbutohwell)

Visited Rapunzel's Tower.

We also saw Snow White's Show and then passed by Jasmine & Aladdin.  They  gave each girl a book for each princess to autograph so it was fun for them to have them all sign it.
Here's Alice in Wonderland.

Aaaaand we're done.  What a fun day.  Seriously, the girls loved it.  I am glad we did it.  I love my girls and their love of Princesses....they are little for only so long ...tear....

Trying to leave, they get distracted by the barrel horses.

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