Quilter's Shop Hop Day 3

We covered the most ground on Day 3.
I recommend getting babysitters on days like this because there is no way we could have done this otherwise!

We started out brought and early, heading straight to Brigham City to Village Dry Goods.  Persian Pickle Club was their theme.
What a fun store!  They had so much beautiful fabrics and adorable displays.  I wanted everything in the store!  We were at this store longer than any other because we kept finding stuff and making decisions.  It is a  fun place in a fun city!

Next was Bountiful's Quilter's Haven with The Wizard of Oz.  What a fabulous store!  They were so decked out.  Even their staff were dressed up as characters.  So fun!  They had some adorable things too!

My sister Jenny...yes, she is comical ;)

We got into Salt Lake City and started that bunch of shops.
Next was Piper's Quilts & Comforts in Salt Lake City.  They did Alice in Wonderland.  What a darling store!  They even had activities you could do outside on their Tea Table.  You could make headbands or bracelets.  Super fun.

Ok so i had to bring my son since he's at that crazy stage...and this is when he had had enough.  So adorable, that nap fish face!
Next we got to Whimsy Cottage, who did a "Dr. Suess" theme.  No pictures this fun because it was a run-in-run-out sort of thing...and we were in a hurry to get some lunch! ;)

Next was Elaine's Quilt Block in Cottonwood Heights.  They did Treasure Island.  How fun huh?  I loved their skull quilt too!

Next was Mormon Handicraft in Midvale.  They did Fable Haven and gave away cute toadstool pin cushions.  Oh and they gave out brownies...yum!  I sadly didn't bring my camera in there because we did a quick run in & run out! 

Then we headed out to Pine Needles in West Jordan.  This was a beautiful store among many!  Look how fun it was walking to the store!
There it is from afar!

I loved their quilts they showcased.

Our last (sniff sniff) quilt shop was in Draper.  It was called Thimbles & Threads.  They did Murder on the Orient Express!  They had lovely trunks all over the place that I wanted to pack in my car trunk ;)  They had some eye candy as well!

Wow, those 3 days were long but so so fun!  I am so glad I was able to do that since I won't get that chance where I live.  I totally recommend doing it all!
Next post, i'll be showing you all the goodies I got from this!
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