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I'm indulging in my summer break with my kids.  So because of that, bloglife has become a standstill.  I hope you understand..in fact, I know you understand :)   You are that cool.

But a few things I want to address before time takes over.

Bloggy Bootcamp.

Inspiring 1-day seminar for me.
A couple of things that I learned.  ONe, LOTS of people blog.  LOTS.  Which kind of gave me an overwhelming feeling like, why am I bloggin'?  Initial feeling, not going to lie.
That was at the beginning of the day.

But then we heard from Jenny from Jenny on the Spot about Growing a Lifestyle Blog.  She talked about:
-finding your own niche like finding your own voice and inspiration.
-Set up a Social Media
-Have a practical blog appearance, like updating social icons, clean up those side-bars and update your About section.
-Strategic: Claim your domain name.
-IRL:  plan to attend another conference.
-Be Creative!  Go beyond writing, like vlogging, photos, etc :)

Very funny girl that Jenny is.  Loved her and it was so fun to meet her.

Next was  Carol Schiller, who talked about "6 Essential Things Every Blogger Must Know About Monetizing A Blog."
She mainly talked about Branding and the what to do/what not to do when pitching to Brands.

Elements of a Good Pitch:
-Do some research, find out what problems the Brand might have and what they need.  Then how are you going to fix that problem?
-Explain what you will do and what it will feel like when it's fixed.
-Then you explain your offer to them.
-Why should they believe you?  Testimonials!!
-Ask for recommendations & "How'd I do?" from past experiences.
-Some good offers?
-Contacts, Exposure, Insider Information, Knowledge of Landscape, etc etc.

Lots of Wonderful ideas from Carol.  You can do this technique not just through blogging but in real life!

The Writer's Voice was next with Denae Handy.  She was fabulous and hilarious.  She talked about how your voice matters!  Be true to who you are and write who you are.  She talked about creating content in your unique voice.  Similar to what Jenny wrote, make sure you have good editing skills!

We then broke for lunch, which was delish and then split to either "Business of Blogging" or "Writer's Workshop". I chose "Business of Blogging"  which I am glad did!

First was Sarah Hawkins, who walked about the legality of blogging contracts and legal basics.  It was really interesting and good to be aware of what is out there.

Lisa Leonard from Lisa Leonard Designs was there to talk about Top 10 tips For Running a Business Online.  And of course I will share those with you :)
1- Use amazing Photos
-let them draw  your customers in
-tell a story with them
2- Have unique products
3-Use a blog to build business.
4-Network with other bloggers
- like through instagram or pinterest
5-build your newsletter for constant contact
6-Hire & delegate to your weaknesses
7-Keep good data & consult your gut
8- Get inspired!
9-Create a brand image that's consistant
10-work towards keeping debt to a minimum.

Wow what a great list!  Thanks Lisa :)

Jyl Johnson Pattee was after Lisa, who talked about the influence your blog has on readers.  She emphasized on that it's more than page views!!  It's about content and having your personality showing through!!  I liked that and I try to remember that everytime I look at my blog :)

We finished up with Marylnn Schotland, who is the Regional Manager for Plum District Portland, the owner of Urban Bliss Media & Founder/Owner of The Power MOB (Mom-Owned Businesses).  She shared with us Home Time Management Tips.  This was a wonderful thing for me to read in my life right now.  I feel that my time is all over the place and I definitely need to manage it more better.  Some favorite points:
-Set up a central command station.
-Make time for each kid and your spouse.
-Plan meals around your weekly trip to the farmer's market so that you use all of that fresh produce before it spoils.
-Social Media-Create a schedule that works for you and reaches your audience & only update during those days and times.
-DO NOT attempt to ready every single FB or Twitter update.


What a great day with loads of information!
Are you still here?   haa ha I know, lots to soak in but it's all valuable information!

So after the wonderful speakers that spoke that day about goals, ideas, true-to-heart writing, it made me want to change things up for this little baby.  But there are lots of ideas that I want to implement so THAT is what is now overwhelming.  Plus being so busy with swimming lessons, parades, vacations, family visits, festivals, day trips etc ETC. This blog takes the back bench.

I appreciate you guys in being part of my life.  I love to create.  I love to make things beautiful.  I don't want to make things just to make things for the blog.  If I were to do that, I would probably produce ugly stuff!  I want things to come naturally.  And I have been creating and organizing!  Yeah!  I just need to then post them up!

So i am going to try to get more organized and make time for this blog because I miss her!
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