Shower Curtain Redo.

We finally had visitors in town this summer!! 

which means I needed to get the second shower curtain up...
yes, we only had one kids don't shower! :)

So I moved the one we had in my bathroom into the guest bathroom and spruced up an old curtain for my bathroom.

So here's what I started with.  An old curtain with a shrunk, faded sage green-lined curtain.  So I grabbed my choice of fabric and measured and width of the curtain.

I had to cut my fabric in two pieces for it to cover the whole thing once it was sewn together.

So that's what I did.  I sewed the two pieces together.

Then I hemmed one of the ends.

Then I lined that up to one side of hte curtain, right sides together.  I sewed it right above the green sage liner then folded it over it so it would hang down at the bottom of the curtain :)

Once I got to the other side, I cut the excess fabric, with enough to hem it.

Then I hemmed the bottom of the curtain.

Then I ironed it smooth and made the fold more crisp.  I hung it up and walla!  I LOVE how it turned out and I love that it was free.  Shower curtains are expensive!  I like the fabric I used since there are so many color options to go off of :)

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