Spa / Smoothie / Surprise Shower NIght

Well another day of our "8 Crazy Nights" went down on Monday. It was really fun! We originally had planned just a Spa/ Smoothie night but one of our good friends, who will be moving, is expecting, having a little girl. So we decided to throw a surprise shower too. So it was really yummy. There was lots of yummy stuff to eat and of course, our smoothies...but actually they were slushies really. But still really good. We ate, soaked our feet then we scrubed and treated felt sooo good! After that, we played some fun games. I won one of them so that was exciting. Then we got to open the presents!! She got some really cute stuff and we're excited for her since she's had 3 boys (1 set of twins!!) so she's finally having a girl:) Here are some exciting pictures of that night.

Here's Courtney and Bobbi--who is the girl we threw the shower for.

Here's Julie, Jamie and Courtney.

Here's me and my big self sipping a Fuzzy Navel
Yummy FOOD!!!
Jami, Julie, Christine and Bobbi relaxing.

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