Grandpa in Town!

Grandpa's Here!
My Dad was able to come visit us for a few day this past weekend. It was so fun and nice to have in here! Emma, at first, was a little nervous but 10 minutes later, was hooked! He came in Friday morning and we visited. He took care of my apartment and changed the oil in my car. Once Joe got home, we planned what to do for Saturday and then we went to go eat at Red Robin. Yummy! That was delicious. We then rented Cars, since my Dad hadn't seen it yet! So we got home and watched it. I think my Dad was probably asleep 1/2 the time but it is always a
favorite movie of mine!

Here are some cute shots of Emma and Grandpa. THey were singing the ABC song with the dog.

Here's Emma in her favorite garbage can. We pick her up while she's inside the can so we just transfer her everywhere. She laughs the whole time.

Saturday, we went to the Natural Bridge Caverns. It was a pretty cool place. We walked underground in these awesome caves. One room was as big as a football field! Emma, surprisingly was really good through the whole thing since it was about 75 minutes long. It was 75 degrees under there with 99% humidity, geez it was wet down there...

There was this awesome scorpian inside the visitor's center! It was so still and frozen, we thought it was a fake. Then my dad tapped it with his foot and it squirmed all over the place. So then my dad just killed it. But scary huh? Emma or some other kid could have just found it and picked it up! So luckily that didn't happen.

After we got done with the Caverns, we got home and rested until later afternoon, when we went to Christine's BBQ, which is one of the "8 crazy nights" activities. It involved everyone's family but we were just trying to fill days so it would be 8. It was lots of fun. We had yummy hamburgers and hotdogs. Emma played in the back yard the whole time. She was having fun sliding down their play system they had there. Here are some shots of her playing...She is just so adorable :)

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