Beach Bum!

It's always a good day in Texas now for swimming! So a few days ago, we all went down to the pool and soaked up the sun. The pool, however, was a bit cold! So the whole time, we were just trying to get used to the water. But luckily I did have my camera! Emma just had fun stepping in and out and around the pool. So I had to post these of my lil' swimmer. I love her swimsuit too! I just got that a few weeks ago in anticipation for the hot weather...and my friends, it is HOT down here. I can't stand it! It doesn't help that i'm 32 weeks pregnant either. So I mostly stay inside now. That may sound bad but i'm not getting dehydrated this time!! PS I just had to say a few more things that are unrelated to this. First off, Gilmore Girls is finished!! :( I was so sad on Tuesday when it was the last episode. I admit, I was bawling! And Second, anyone else see The Office season finale?! Holy crap! I again had tears at the end of the show, just so excited on how it ended. There better not be some sick twist on Jim and Pam. I'll be so sad! Ok that is all :)

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