Getting bigger!

Well i'm hanging in there! I'm now 32 weeks pregnant.

I'm tired, restless, anxious, overwhelmed and just want time to go by really slow. I feel I have many things I need to get done before this second baby comes! So I've been trying really hard to manage my time well. Joe is done with his second year of Dental school so it's been really nice for him to be home to play with Emma and help around the house. I might say he does ALOT around the house since i've become a bit more exhausted. Does it help that we're on the 3rd floor of our apartment complex? Hmmm that's a mystery...Emma is so energetic and all over the place! She's saying more words but she's entering that complex stage of frustrated emotions so there's lots of tantrums! I wish her vocabulary mirrored my own, then we wouldn't have problems but it doesn't work out that way. So i'm trying to be more patient and understanding. I think my stack of pictures to scrapbook is shrinking and I could get them done before so that's my goal. I'm pretty much done with baby annoucements as well so i'm happy about that. Anyone who wants one, let me know or send me your address!
I'm nervous for the 2nd one to come though, for myself and Emma.
I found this picture of her at 12 months...should I be worried? I have nightmares of finding Emma doing this to my newborn baby! I really think this picture is hilarious. I got the doll as a way for her to get familiar with babies and look where it took her?
Well I know it'll all be well. I just have to take one day..or one hour... at a time. But overall, i'm really excited to start this new journey with Joe and Emma. For some reason, i'm looking forward to all the chaos that family lives has. It keeps me busy and my mind off the silly things in life.

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