I don't want no sloppy seconds!

So not too much happened today. It was really hot outside so we took Emma swimming. I am slowly getting some sun, so I don't look too much like Casper now.
Later, we went to the grocery store to get some items. We decided to get some Sherbet Ice Cream, try something new. We get home and Joe is so excited to try some. I'm sitting in the Family Room with Emma hanging out. I hear Joe say, "Are you serious?!"
Confused, i'm like, "What is going on?"
"There are already bites taken in the ice cream!"
"What, are you kidding me?"
"No, come and see!"
So I went and saw that he was correct. He had taken off the lid and found it like this:

So we are still trying to figure out how it ended up on the shelves. We're thinking that some workers got hungry and took some bites? It's really bizarre. (FYI we bought is at HEB at Babcock)

So Joe will be leaving shortly to return it to the store and either get something new or get our money back. But some advice for all you Ice Cream lovers...check the tub before you buy! I am really going to start taking the lid off and making sure i'm not getting sloppy seconds!

SO ok something interesting did happen today...or in the week even. It's been kind of a lazy sort of week. Well I should mention that we did venture up to Houston to the temple. Joe's brother took his Endowments out because he's leaving on his mission real soon. So another brother of Joe's watched Emma while we did the session. It was so nice to go! I don't want to say how long it's been since we both have gone. And Emma did well with Stephen, which I was glad cause like with Nursery, she hasn't been doing so well but that's another story all together!
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