Which one should I pick?!

i've been browsing around online, looking for great prices on baby slings. I want one sooo bad!! I've checked ebay but so uncertain of the non-brand slings and the name brand slings end up being the same price or more so i've just been checking out www.hotslings.com, www.goo-ga.com and www.lucky-baby.com. They all seem the same. I do like how Peanut Shells look, which are found at goo-ga.com. But they are much more. So i've been looking into Lucky-baby.com and they have some cute slings and are a bit cheaper and some cute ones on sale. So my favor for all you, tell me which sling you like the best. Here are the nominees:

This is #1

This is #2

This is #3

So tell me your vote. I really want to you know opinion. I'd like use this and I keep trying to pretend like if I have a boy later, I can use it too...but maybe by then I can buy another one...so let me know...and on a different note...

Now i'll post the latest update on what happened at the doctors today. Everything looks great. I'm actually `1 1/2 cm dialated and 50% effaced! Joe and I had a bet going on what i'd be. He thought I'd be at a zero, no progression. I was hoping for some sort of opening...So I was really excited about that. And last night, for like 2 hours, i was awaken to some contractions...not fun. Especially when my mind goes off on what I needed to do, who I needed to call, what I needed to pack etc etc. LUckily it didn't progress and they stopped but I was going crazy inside my mind if it was happeneing!
So my doctor said that with those numbers, it should be happening pretty soon. When she said that, I was sooo excited. I didn't think i'd be this excited with it being my second. Yet Joe has taken the BOards!! Ya!! So we don't have to worry about that and he starts school on the 23rd...so now I guess the sooner the better. So we shall see what happens...But Joe feels pretty confident about the boards and we're both just relieved that it's over with. Now we get to do fun stuff around the house, like deep clean the bathrooms...it's been awhile! And rearrange Emma's room cause she's now getting into her drawers from her crib..etc...so hopefully we can get lots done before she (#2) decides to come. So that's my exciting news....
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