I'm famous!

Well I just wanted to say that I'm now a professional author.
My cousin, Amy, who works for a publisher, wrote to me back at the beginning of the year, asking if i'd want to contribute a simple essay for a book they were putting together. I got to choose the subject and even got paid if they chose my essay. So I did a 2-3 page essay on Family Togetherness. Anways, long story short, they chose my essay and its apart of a book called: "50 Things that Really Matter to Latter-day Saints." It's now selling at Deseret Book. So if any of you are interested in an autographed copy or a book signing, give me a call ;);)
But when the editor wrote me about it a few days ago, I was really excited! She's sending me a copy of the book and i'm really excited to read it all. She said it got really good reviews and doing well.
"Reminding us that the small and simple things are truly the spice of life, 50 Things that Really Matter to Latter-day Saints contains 50 essays from Latter-day Saints about things that help them see God in their life. From priesthood blessings to sunsets, the topics in these essays are sure to inspire and uplift." -Deseret Book review
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