Annual Cookie Frosting/Gift Exchange Party

 A big group of girls came over Friday night to do our Annual Cookie Frosting/Gift Exchange Party.  It was so yummy and fun...I hate to say it but we all probably gained like 5 lbs from all the cookies we ate.  My mom has THE best recipe for Sugar cookies and frosting so it was really good!
Marcie, Linsay, Jamie, Courtney, Christine, Me, Jill & Jenni.  Thanks Jazmin for taking the picture!

Christine, Jill, Me, Jami
Amber, Jenni, Jazmin, Hillery
Jami, Marcie, Linsay, Courtney
After that, we played some games.  We first played "Faces" which is a pretty fun game.  That didn't last long since we went straight to Pit and that was CRAZY.  By then, there was only eight of us left.  We got into it so much, I was surprised that my kids didn't wake up from all the "TWO TWO TWO...THREE THREE THREE!!!"  We played many rounds and by the end, who was the winner?  ME!  I had one five games.  Jill came in a very close second place.  I really thought she was going to win since she had some great tactics down.
So it was a great night, Thanks everyone for coming!  I'm still recovering from it!  We won't go into detail of how late the party went but believe me, being used to going to bed before 11, this was well past that :0
And I just have to give a shout out to the original partiers!  Jaime, Emily & Melissa, we missed you guys here!  Hope you're having Happy Holidays!!
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