My little prides and joys

A few weeks ago, I was able to take my girls to Krista Adams's house to take some pictures. She is an awesome photographer that is just starting out. She is really really affordable for what is done. She was great with my girls. Emma, as some of you know, is a bit of a fire ball so she wouldn't sit still in the studio. So Krista just followed her around with her camera, taking pictures of her playing with toys or running around outside. It was great! Kate was a bit moody since it was the day after getting her 4 month shots. But even with that obstacle, she did a great job! Her are some pictures that she did. I LOVE THEM! Thank you Krista for doing a "quacktastic" job on it. I can't wait to get these printed off and distributed all over my house :) And if any of you are interested in taking some pictures from her, click on the "Adams" link under my Friends List of Bloggers, to get more information.

I love this mirror shot!!

These are just so fun! And it was hard to decide since a couple of them, she made them in color, B/W and sepia so it'll be tough to figure out the best look!
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