Home, Glorious Home!

After not posting for 2 weeks, there is a reason.  I've been vacationing in Utah for Christmas.  It's not easy posting pictures on a different computer and storing pictures etc etc.  So I figured i'd be fine doing it after when I got home.  Well I didn't realize how many pictures I took while in Utah. And even in this post, i'm not putting pictures in because I still haven't downloaded them into my computer.  I'm barely getting up and getting laundry going!  

So I never thought I'd look forward to going back to Texas.  Don't get me wrong, Utah is great and ALL my family lives there so it's like a big Terry bash every time.  Yet when you get stuck into 1 room with everyone for 9 days, with an unfamiliar bed to sleep on, it's not really a "vacation."  So now that we are back, it's so nice, with my comfy bed and humid air to breathe!  

On that note, I was amazed at how dry the air is in Utah.  I grew up there so I guess I never realized that.  I am now used to the humid air of San Antonio that Utah, in the winter, is horrible and very uncomfortable.  It's now no wonder why I was sick all the time growing up!  And poor Emma, her hair was a pure static ball the whole time!  I HATE static hair, it's the worst feeling so I knew what she was going through...

So once I get my pictures downloaded, i'll just be doing an array of pictures from the trip.  I got some funny videos too.

So anyways, my home has now become TX, which is a scary thought sometimes but I can't complain.  It really isn't that bad.
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