Poop in the bowl continued

Thank you all for the "ideas".  Karrie was the closest to what actually happened.  Emma was playing out on the porch when I guess she pooped.  Instead of leaving her diaper on and coming to find me (a parents greatest wish), she took off her pants then diaper.  There she found her poop sitting there.  So she got curious and grabbed the ball of poop.  Not too far from her was that empty bowl that was previously filled with animal crackers.  I have tried to drill in her head that things like food need to be kept in a bowl or on a plate so its' not all over the floor.  She probably used that concept for the poop.  So she placed the poop in the bowl so it wouldn't be on the floor.  I guess I should be happy that she's grabbing that concept but for some reason, I'm not :)  Anyways, she ran inside, naked from the waist down with poop all over.  So I had to run and see what she did this time.  Luckily, she had contained the poop in the bowl.  There was some smears on the trampoline cover so that wasn't bad.  I wish they had an "ankle bracelet" to indicate poop.  That way I know when she does it so she doesn't get annoyed or bored that there's this thing in her diaper, which leads to curiosity...Anyways, that's my poop story.  I just thought it was funny when I walked out on the balcony and found the poop in the bowl.  So congrats Karrie for being the closest :) ...and looking at what I just wrote, I see the word "poop" way too many times...
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