"Wicked Awesome" Game Night

Saturday night, we were invited to a couples' game night.  Jamie Smith and Jenni Konkle co-hosted it at the Konkles.  It was so much fun and so glad that we were able to come.  Luckily we were able to find a babysitter for the kids so we could go.  Just have to say thanks Jane for watching my girls.  Emma took right to you so expect another call from me :)

Anyways, it wasn't only a game night but also an appetizer contest and smore making over the fire pit.  So I made some crescent cream cheese and bacon rolls and brought way too many.  We first ate and "judged" the appetizers.  I think Jami won by a landslide since everyone loved the bacon-wrapped chicken she brought.  It was pretty yummy.  I have to give a shout out to the 2nd place winners, The Rays, who brought some yummy mini corn dogs.  Nice job guys!  Jami got some awesome prizes :)

Next, we played one round of Charades.  

That was just a transition to the good stuff.  BUNCO.  Fun game.  Not good at it...but Joe is and was that night.   He was the #1 winner of the night.  He got the highest number of Buncos with 4.  He had never played it before so I was so proud of him!  
Here are all the "winners".  Chrissy got most wins, Joe with most Bunco's, Brian with most Losses(#1 loser), and Jami with her appetizers.
Here is Jamie explaining the rules...Everyone Listen Up!
After wards, we huddled around their "wicked awesome" fire pit they have in their backyard and made smores and talked.  It was really fun and just nice to not have the kids around for a couple of hours...kids, still love ya...so it was great!
They were talking inside for way too long...

So Jill and I made ourselves comfortable and shared some warmth :)  We love those smores!!

Here we are getting smoked on...and I completely forgot to tell Joe to bring a coat so he got pretty cold...sorry sweetie..wha wha...
And here's a pic of Emma with her new winter outfit...LOVE iT!
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