Welcome to the 21st Century...

Well we have finally done it. After years of no communication away from home, we got CELL PHONES!! We got a family plan with 2 lines so that we both could have phones. Finally I can get a hold of him when I need him that second...and vice versa! Here's our beautiful phones:
THis one is Joe's. It's a Samsung

THis one is mine :) A Nokia. My past cell phones have been Nokias and I really like them.

Both are camera and video phones. I'm going to feel so hip and cool with this thing in my purse!

We got it through T-mobile since most of the people we call have that network. So talking with them is free. Long Distance is free, Nights and weekends are free...texting is NOT free so don't do it. We get charged by just receiving texts, not opening them! So do not do it!! But anyways, we got them online since you get much better deals there. They had tons of phones for free online compared to the stores we went to. So we haven't actually gotten them yet. But sometime this week, we'll get them and i'll be so happy :)
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