Exploring, Cakes and Fairs...Phew!

So I am becoming a "one week poster girl" for this blog. I don't mean to really, it's just been crazy the past couple of weeks. Well first off, life with Kate is becoming more fun. She's scooting ALL over the place. She's begun to explore all areas of our apartment. So not crawling yet but I know it'll come eventually, right?

Second, we had a Killer Craft night this past week. Thanks to Linsay Jarvis and her awesome cake-decorating skills, we learned how to decorate two different ways! Oh by the by, Linsay has her own cake-shop on line. Check out what she can do! http://www.cakesbylinsay.blogspot.com/ :) We had a great turn out and it was tons of fun :)

Here's the "Blue with white polka-dots Cake" side

Here's the "pretty flower cake" side
Here's me and the finished product!!

Then, yesterday, we had our first Craft Fair for our "CIM" on-line shop! We headed out to Bulverde to a carnival that was going on. It was a great first-time experience and I think we did rather well! We passed out TONS of cards to potential buyers so I think it will help spread the word!

Here's our Table, all beautifully decorated with the CIMs!!

Here's Jazmin after her first sale!! (she did awesome, by the way)

Here's our little model :) She was sporting one of Celeste's Hair clips and headbands and also a pair of "Chubby Legs" baby leg warmers (which I ended up buying since they are so darn cute!!)

I'm so excited to see what happens next!!

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