Kater's is Niners (months)

Wow, nine months! She's really developed physically this past month. She has now mastered crawling..finally! It's still a bit rusty but she's getting better at it. She's even started climbing up on stuff, like her crib and even the couch.  I have her 9 month appointment this Tuesday but I am guessing she's around 17 1/2 to 18 lbs.  She loves to babble  and loves to eat solid food now.  She's good at eating finger foods too.  This past month, she's greatly developed her attachment to me.  We'll be hanging out in the living room and i'll walk into the kitchen, leaving her eye sight for just a minute and she'll start screaming!!  Boy, I forgot about this stage...but I seriously can't get mad.  I think it is a bit flattering how much she wants me.  Even when Joe is holding her, she'll whimper at me, wanting me to come get her...ya, we're working on it :)  She loves to giggle and laugh at Emma when she's being silly.  They are both becoming much more interactive with one another so it's fun.  At night, when they are in their room, "trying" to go to sleep, i'll hear Emma saying "PEEEEEESSSS" and then Kate will start hysterically laughing and then Emma will do it again and again and again.  It's so freaking cute.  I love it.  So there you have it for now.   S
he's just growing more and more beautiful!  

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