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Saw this from someone else's blog and I liked it!

1. What time do the girls  typically wake up? 7 am
2. On a good night, what time does Coy go to sleep? Well they are in bed by 7:30..but asleep, who knows...
3. How long have I been a mom? 2 1/2 years (over 3 years counting pregnancy :) )
4. How old was I when I became a mom? 21
5. Whats my fav. kid show? Curious George, by far...
6. Least Fav kid tv show? Dragon Tales
7. Fav Chore? Cleaning the Kitchen
8. Fav Meal to cook? Green Mountain Pizza
9. Whats the meal cooked most often? Pasta
10. Whats Emma's fav meal? Rice, veggies with Ranch
11. Whats my Fav thing that Joe does with Emma? Takes her to the park or playing horse around the apartment
12. What are the 5 things that make me smile while being a mom?
A. Emma pretending to be a dog and "licking" my face while making the's so funny to me
B. Kate will just beam with happiness when she sees me
C. Sneaking into their room at night and see them sleeping
D. Listening to Emma sing songs
E. Watching Kate crawling around, following me everywhere I go.
F. I have to add....The Snuggling!!
13. Where do I want to take the girls someday? On a scrapbook retreat, just girls
14. When was the Last time Joe  and I went out without the girls? Last Tuesday for a School dinner at Paesano's YUM
15. 1 thing you said you'd never do as a mom? Yell at Emma :(
16. Fav past time with Emma? Reading books
17. Fav quality that my mom has? She would take time to read with us when we were little or sing with us too 
18. Advise for new mom's? Get a routine down...I recommend reading a help book, like Baby Whisperer.  It really helps to figure out how to get through each day and why they are crying etc etc..
19. Whats a scary or heartbreaking moment you've had?  Emma fell into the pool a few months ago and it killed me!  It was for s short time and she was fine but I was not so fine!
20. When was the last time Emma said I love you? She doesn't talk too much but she more shows it through hugs and kisses :)

I tag Jamie S., Jaime B., Cairen B., Maggie T. & Erin P.
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