Nice update

So for those of you who read this still, I've been busy with the shop. I am surprised how nice the amount of orders i've had. It's been great. But I was able to make a card for a baby shower this past week. I have also been out of town for this past week since it was Joe's spring break so I was able to make a few taggie blankets. Here's the card!

I hate that I don't have enough time to do what I'm doing plus doing some scrapbooking too. That's something that I always like to do but that's the thing that always takes the back seat when I get busy! So here's some pics of a burp cloth set I made and our new business cards that I designed. I ended up using them as a tag as well since they don't take any effort to make..just printing!

THis last one I made for my daughter's first birthday party invitation. We had a triple 1st Birthday and it was so much fun...but I love this card!

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