Spring Break!!

We had an awesome break this past week.  It was Joe's Spring Break and it was well needed!!  We headed out to Joe's parent's house Saturday morning and arrived 5 hours later to Port Neches, TX...which seriously, no offense to any who love that place...but it's a hole...lol sad but true!  it just reminds me of a texas small town..nothing to do but go...
Yes, it is true.  For the first time in my life, I went crabbing.  Me, Joe, and his two brothers, Matt & Spencer, drove to the Neches? river and went crabbing:

So what's crabbing, you ask?  Well you get some string, raw chicken, like drum sticks and you're set!  You tie the drumsticks to the string and throw it in the river and wait....and wait some more until the line is tight...which means you've got a pinch or, in other words, a crab!

The first crab we got and who do you think netted him?  ME!  Here's the little guy...and still quick alive, mind you...yes I was VERY nervous to hold him..but thanks to the guys, they made me feel not so "I've never been crabbing" anymore :)

See?  The crabs latch onto the chicken, which we slowly pull up until we net them...this time we got 2!

In love and crabbing...what could be better?!
I can honestly say that I had a blast that day!  We would have been out there for longer had we not had to get back home to the girls.  We caught so many too!  It was a whole cooler full of them.  That night, they cooked them up and I ate my first crab :)..I mean :(...not a seafood fan but I had to taste it since I did catch them.

Where are the girls through all this and pretty much the whole Spring break?  In the back yard of course!  Why wouldn't they?  They've got a trampoline, a lawn and a dog!  Emma was in Heaven!  This is Emma playing with Stephen...
( K I love how Kate looks in the background...just looking around with her fat cheeks..)
This is kate doing her excited ,spazzing dance with Matt...

This is Rocky, their dog and Emma's new best friend.  I'll be posting a video of her playing with him and it's hilarious.  Good thing he's old and nice because she would not leave him alone!  I love how she has him in a head lock!
And Kate got in on the fun with Rocky too..
Here's Kate with Spenser...

And Matt..
And with Peter...
And with Stephen...
And with Adam!!
As you could tell, the girls got LOTS of attention..which we are now trying to fix being back at home when they don't get THAT much...but anyways, yes Joe has LOTS of brothers at home...7 to be exact.  But I love being out there because I get a nice break :)

Another fun thing we did was get Emma a tricycle!  We're still teaching her how to ride it but it's so fun that she's big enough to ride one!   Anyways, had a great week!  Thanks Zimmerman's for letting us stay there and hanging out.  
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