Life after the Break

Breaks are fun but it's nice to get back into the routine of life. And I'm glad we're home now because Kate has entered the "teeth" stage of her life. Along with that comes the fevers and cries, moodswings and just overall crankiness! She's like a completely different baby! Ususally, when anyone is around's like she's not even there when she's happy. Everyone is always like "Where's Kate?" "Oh, she's in the car seat over there." She will just sit there and observe everyone. Yet NOT this week. And she's also had a bad case of the sniffles that she got from Emma. And so i'm kind of thinking that she might have an ear infection. It just seems way worse than teething issues. We're going to the Dr.'s tomorrow morning to check it out.
Emma and I are getting over minor colds too. But she's FINALLY getting her naps back. She's sleeping everyday for an hour and a half to two hours so it's been a nice break to have one on one time with both girls.
And I love how Joe is gearing up for his last month of school !! I can tell that he's having to deal with less and less since he's home more and more. That is great for us and the girls. Both have a special bond with him. Kate is getting more aware of him and loves to just watch him play with Emma. Kate is also starting to scoot forward...not quite a crawl but it's getting there. And she's getting so smart! (sorry, bragging-mom time !) She's like a little copy cat. She'll watch me clap or pat my lap and she'll copy me. Even when I say words, like daddy or mommy, she'll copy the sounds too. It's just amazing how fast she's growing up! She's not the tiny, feeble baby anymore!
Here's some fun pics from the last week.
Emma got "Kate's Snacks" and dumped them on the tray. So when I came back from the bathroom, they were having a buffet.
Snuggling on the tiny tramp one afternoon.
I took a similar shot with Emma she was that age so I want to do that with every kid cause I think it's SO cute :)
Here's Katers just after waking up. She's a little out of it but it's like her trademark face. Just lookint at you with those big brown eyes with her tongue sticking out!

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