Fourth of July Weekend

Well, we started off the weekend clean :)

We decided last minute to head down to JOe's parents for the 4th of July weekend. It had been awhile since going there and I know they were dying to see the girls. It was a nice break. Kate could have been a pit more cooperative though. She was teething like crazy, 3 teeth coming in so she was not a happy camper...more like a whiny, clingy camper. But here are some pics of the weekend.

Emma, pretending to be a dog. She's been in an "animal pretend" phase. It's pretty funny.

She, of course, loves to read still
We went to visit the Johnson's, Joe friends from home. Ryan, the guy he grew up with, lives 20 minutes away from there so they came to visit at his parents house. They have a little boy, Brayden, who is a day older than Emma. So it was fun to see them play

Emma pretending to be a dog again. This is her leash...

Now Brayden is pretending to be one and Emma is walking him.
Here's Kate! She loves when Joe puts her up on his shoulders.
Here are some goofy pics of us in the car when we went to buy fire works. This is our buck tooth face.

We went to Ryan's sister's house to watch fireworks with their family. THey had an open driveway in the back of their house, perfect to watch fireworks.
Emma did not like the fireworks at all. She had an iron grip on anyone who would hold her. She wouldn't even look at the fireworks. They just freaked her out too much. This is Peter, Joe's brother, holding Emma right then but we all took turns.
Here's Joe getting some ready
Emma, sparkler? Um no...

THough this was a cool shot.
Here's a smoky firework

Emma lightened up a big and jumped on Brother Johnson's (senior) lap...whom she had no idea who he was but still wanted to cuddle up next to him...geez louize!

By the end, when we were almost done, she started looking at them...
Here's Maren, Ryan's wife with their son Brayden and Emma.
So Saturday, we went to Splashtown, this nwe place just down the street that is completely FREE! It was pretty cool. We took Emma there. It might look cloudy but that doesn't mean it was cold...Even in that atmosphere, I was still sweating.

This kid tried to control the sprinkler. He even started pushing Emma...Don't worry, I interfered.

I love this picture because of the background. Here's little Emma surrounded by all this huge chaos!
Tunnel vision

Don't worry, i'll be putting her in gymnastics this year :)
This park might look familiar to some of you in Utah. It's exactly like the wooden park in PG.

Fun weekend full of visits with family and friends. But we're back home to reality and to the next step of life...potty training a 2 1/2 year old!

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