The Weekend

We have had a pretty productive past weekend. Saturday, we decided to hit Sea World since, I mean, we gotta use our season passes sometime now. Here are some pics from the excursion.

After we got back from Sea World, what else is there to do than watch PBS and their cooking shows! Yes, we are nerd and do that pretty much every Saturday. Anyone ever heard of America's Test Kitchen? It's great and they were making Old Fashioned Chocolate Layers Cake. Joe instantly wanted to make it but who ended up making it? Hmm? yes, nice little me. We couldn't do it on Saturday cause we just ran out of time. So we made, or I should say I made it on Sunday :) Here is the final product and it is scrumdeliscent!

So the real exciting thing happened this morning. I threw Kate a birthday party for turning ONE YEARS OLD!! I was busy preparing for it all weekend but I think it turned out real good. Thanks Jami for having it at your home and helping me prepare. Also, thanks Jaqline for helping me some really good chocolate covered pretzel rods!
Here's the food/write a special note for the Birthday girl area

Here's the main area. Jazmin gave me a good idea for decorating that she found on Martha Stewart. Cut out lots of "K"s and "1"s and put them all over the place so that's what I did and it looked awesome!

Mommy and Katers

Birthday Cake, yum!

Here's her One Year Old Layout. I had a matching page for people to sign.
Some friends came to help celebrate! Melissa J and Dylan, Erin and Luke, Jami and Madison!
Stephanie A. and Nicole and Bradley J.

Eating some yummy cake and having a great time..Happy GIrl!
Here's the "easy way out" for a "cake". I've always wanted a huge chocolate chip cookie cake when I was little and still do! To make it easy on me, I just bought a tub of already make cookie dough and make a huge one! It turned out great and was really yummy!

cakey, messing fingers!
Love this shot
Afterwards, we went swimming. Didn't get any pics. By that time, Kate was down for a nap and a good friend watched her while I had some Mommy & Emma time swimming. Thanks eeryone who came and helped celebrate this fun day with us!

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