Season for Love

Honestly, I feel very overwhelmed right now. I'm so truly blessed with a great family. I love my siblings so much! Two in particular, I have been very close to my whole life. Let's start with my sister, Jenny. Jenny is my older sister. She's 2 years older than me. I look up to Jenny so much. I always have looked up to her. When we were little, like I was maybe 3 and she was 5, we got a kitchen set for Christmas. It came with tons of fake food, like bread, eggs, waffles etc etc. We have a home video of us playing with it. Jenny runs up to the camera with some bread and pretends to eat it. Then she turns around to play with something else. I then immediately run infront of the camera and do the exact same thing! I'm pretending to eat the fake bread...the epitomy of our relationship. Ever since I can remember, i've always tried to be like Jenny. In high school, everyone LOVED Jenny. She is beautiful, funny and all the boys had crushes on her. Then there was me...look what I had to compete with?! I was always known as Jenny's little sister or Terry's little sister....

Anyways, she's been the best sister and always been there for me. I just love her to death!

Then there is John-Charles or JC. He is my younger brother. We are 2 1/2 years apart. I think I hung out with JC more than a big sister should. We would play legos together and then video games. We were both big nerds! When I got my driver's lisense, I wanted to bbe the cool big sister that was nice and drive my little brother everywhere and I was. I would take JC and his friends to the store or Hollywood video or get some food. JC is seriously the best example to me as being strong and immovable in the Gospel. Oh and did I mention he's stickin smart?! 33 on the ACT? yep, you got it. He's planning on going to Medical School and then do research for spinal injuries etc. Anyways, we get along so well and I love this kid to death.
The reason I bring up these two wonderful people in my life is because, just this past week, I got a call from my family that JC is getting married in Dec. and Jenny is getting married in Sept! I am so happy for Jenny! And I can't believe my little brother is getting hitched! She's a lucky girl...and I've heard she's quite the looker ;)

Wow, I know! I'm so excited for them and can't wait to come visit. It's nice to know I will definitely see my family two more times this year! COngratulations guys! I wait to come and play with you all!
Disclaimer: I love all my sibling equally! This is because of the joyous occasion of their weddings.
oh and I hope this post doesn't jinx their relationships!! :) Keep the good times rolling...
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