Kate is Turning One...soon.

Ok so I started writing about Kate and how she is at one but I don't want to write that just yet.  Her birthday is on the 20th so I'll wait till then do write that wonderful stuff.  For now, i'll show you pictures I took the other day for her 1st birthday.  I was going to go somewhere and have them taken but we are trying to save money with Joe's applications and such coming up in the next few months.  So the only option was to just take them myself.  Something i'm proud to say on her outfit is that I got the necklace on ebay for $4 (retailed for $65!), made her tutu, leg warmers and headband, and edited the pictures myself on my computer.  Seriously, who needs to spend money these days anyways, right?  Okay, without further adieu, here is our Katers.

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