Purge Purge Purge

I got ahead of myself when I was adding more and more links and sites on this blog. I don't want my family blog cluttered!
So I've put all non-family/friend related onto my other blog:
This blog has been around and many of you might not have known about it. It's where I post anything the I've created. I didn't want to stick that stuff on my family blog cause you all might think I was annoying constantly posting stuff that i've made...I would get annoyed and think, man, this girl is such a show off! So I put them all in another blog for those who really cared and interested in still seeing what i've been upto in the creating world. So now you'll find all the fun blogs and sites i've found and like. And I won't clutter my family blog with GIVEAWAYS or CONTESTS anymore. That will all be on my other one. So if you want to, you can go check it out :)
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