Not seeing the fruit

As much as i've tried to simplify my life, it never stems any easier. If anything, it just seems to get busier and harder! And i've come to the realization that I'll probably be just a "once a week" blogger, and i'm okay with that. Honestly, I got too much involved in this whole blogging phenomenon that I started slipping in other areas in my life, like the most important things: wife & mom.
I will confess that I have a discipline problem. I have a lack of self control with things that I wan to do. LIke be on the computer all night? sounds good to me. Go to bed NOT early? check. Wait to clean the kitchen tomorrow? done! Thoughts & decisions like these run through my head all day. I have to continually fight my "natural man" to be an organized, coherent, respectable and decent human being. It's hard! ANd I go through phases where I am slacking big time and then I manage to stay ontop of things and my house actually looks livable. And I have noticed i'm not the only one who feels this way about blogging and internet use. I've started reading other people's blogs about the same stuggle that I have. The whole idea of blogging is a great one. I really like that I can print it all out or put them in books for documentation. But with all things, the adversary takes something good and twists it, contaminates and very slowly, sucks us all into it more than we anticipated. Like I said, I was like the #1 fan of the blog. I would recruit everyone I knew to get one. But it began to be a tool for Satan to draw me away from being a mom and a wife. And he knew my lack of self discipline so he used that against me!
But because of this fault of mine, sometimes it's just easier to just stop all together, so the teomptation isn't even a threat to me. But I have a hard time letting go of blogging because it is doing my posterity a favor and connecting family and friends at the same time! Could life get any better?! (lol Brian Reagan...anyone?)
So here's what we've/I've been up to these past few weeks, picture time!
I helped out with some food for a "Bug" shower for my friend Stephanie last week.. I got this idea from good ol' Martha. Fun huh? Little rice krispie lady bugs and caterpillers. Even Emma helped me out:

Here's a few pictures of the shower. LInsay did a great job in supplying bugs to put all over the house.

Jan made these yummy cute butterfly fruit cups, so cute!

Yummy food table.

Last Saturday, we went to Sea World because we needed to get more out of our season passes and Emma's been talking about wanting to see the dolphins all week. So that was fun and the weather was great. We were going to hit the Log Ride but it was having some difficulties and wouldn't be fixed for like 45 minutes so we ended up just leaving after that. But it was still fun.

Kate had a different reaction to the dolphins...

I"ve been also busy with my calling in my church. I am the Visiting Teaching Coordinator and once a year, I am pretty much in charge of a VT workshop, where we instruct and motivate visiting teachers to "get to work" :) I found a theme online called, "Overcoming Roadblock to Visiting Teaching." So we did a construction theme and I had a lot of fun planning and decorating this! ANd I had sisters bring any cars/ trucks to help decorate the place. It turned out really cool.
I made these signs by the entraces in the church :)

Another sign so sisters wouldn't go through this door..
Sister's mingling & eating
We had a door prize too.

The food!
Got this idea from online too. Thought it was cute to have the salsa in the dump truck

If you can see the little cones as the center pieces, I actually made those. I found plastic megahones at the dollar store and spray painted them orange then stuck them on black paper squares. They looked like the real thing.
And our RS president hard at work, teaching us a great lesson.
So that kept me busy for the past couple of weeks! But I am glad it turned out well and that it's over so I can now breathe a bit easier!
And so it is....

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