Potty Power: cast your vote

" I can do it myself,

I'm a big kid now

I can do it myself

I've got Potty Power"

How long do I have to listen to this song?!

I rented "Potty Power" from the library to get Emma pumped up about Potty training, so she can say "No more diapers for me!" (another song!)

We watch this movie too many times. I think I have them all memorized! Well that's all that I think about. I feel my window of opportunity is growing thin. So I need your help.

We are currently using a seat that goes on top of the big toilet but I think maybe it would help to get a little potty for her. So I want your vote on which one I should get:

#1 The Dora Potty Chair-This one might be a winner with Emma. She's nuts about Dora these days...selling for $10

#2 Royal Step stool potty by Fisher Price. This one is nice because as they grow, it grows with them, from a chair, to a seat on the toilet to a stool! It also plays music when they "properly" go. Selling for $10

#3 Baby Bjorn Potty. I don't know too much about this one but it's selling for $5

#4 is the Safety First Girl Potty chair. THis one i've been tempted to get at the store because it's totally girly and so cute! But it also serves as a stool too. Selling price: $10

So there you have it...which one should I get?!

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