What? Private? Heck no!

So if there were some of you who tried to come on my blog in the past few days and got a "Private BLog" page, you were probably surprised...but I thought I gave ample amount of time for people to see the post saying that i'm switching to private. 2 weeks? Anyone not checking my blog in that amount of time should be cut off anyways!

So I gave it a go but have been getting emails, which is fine, to add them to my list so I'll give the slackers some more time. But you've been warned!

Alrighty, onto what i've been upto these weeks.

I went to Time Out for Women last Friday night and Saturday and it was awesome. It was refreshing to be without kids (again) and get inspired by some great artists and speakers. I went up with some friends. Here's the only picture I took. This is Jan and I out to lunch at Lonestar Cafe. It was really good.

Emma is so into purple right now. Purple...so hot right now... So here she is in her purple get up. Also, we lost one of her shoes so I had to get new ones...which ones did she want? yep, the purple ones!

Here are the only pics of the Trunk or Treat this year...such a pain to lose pictures! ANyways, I know some of you (Jazmin) took pics of us with your own camera so if you ahve any of us, let me know or email them to me :) Anyways, Emma was a witch and Kate was a garden fairy. Maybe I should put them in their costumes and take pictures?

So that's that! well, not really. I'm dealing with some Potty Training issues, like always....but that's another post!

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