Why I feel Sheepish!

It's been a great week. A week that I needed. I"ve had a lot of time to think through my thoughts on things going on in my life. I think last week was a breaking point in my mind. I had had a hard day in particular and needed a way out. So my last post was a nice venting session. And I am astounded by the response!
I am grateful for all of you who took time to leave a comment. THey gave me a slap in the face back to reality. I had a serious pity party and i'm kind of embarrassed! I mean I meant what I said at the time but my mind was focusing on the wrong things.
Here's what I found:

#1: I do need to realize that "blogging" is mainly used to communicate to family and friends who live far away. They want to see pictures and things that are going on with you and your family. I don't see anyting wrong with writing funny or "are you serious" stories to help depict how life is going. ANd I knew that but I think I was just desperate to find ANY type of outlet for my feelings. So next time, I think i'll just grab a pen and paper for that :)

#2: Need to remember that my life really isn't THAT bad. I have been blessed my whole life and I continue to receive blessings my Heavenly Father. Another reason I feel embarrased from my last post is it shows my ingratitude to Him and all he has given me and my family! I should never take that for granted!

#3: I need to remember that everyone has problems in their lives, big or small. Of course, they aren't going to throw it out there for all the world to read it. I just to remind myself always that everyone goes hard times or feels inadequate in this life. So althought they don't write about them, doesn't mean hard times don't happen to them. So I shouldn't assume that everyone has a great life except me!

#4: I realized that people do care. When life gets hard, it's the friends i've made that help me up. And I appreciate the kind words and support that you've written. I have a problem with becoming independant. It first starts from not wanting to be a burden on other people so I cope with things by myself. From that, people probably assume I don't need any help and that everything is just fine with me. But I don't allow people in and help me. I need to work on that.

I just find it appropriete that this experience happened this week. The Lord has been merciful and generous to me more than words can say.

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