chevron growth chart.

I've been so excited to show you guys what I did over the weekend!
I was brainstorming on a gift to do for a 1 year old and thought this would be perfect.
and it doesn't hurt that i made this for free!

I had all the supplies on hand.  I even found that piece of wood out of a "free wood" pile in town.

it's your lucky day because i'm going to show you how I made it :)

I started with a piece of wood, sanded down and ready to be painted.

I used "Smoke Gray" by Krylon.

Next I took an old Cricut cutting mat and taped on a chevron patterned that I got HERE.

I used my pink box cutter and cut out the design.  I initially was going to cut out lots of rows but that sucker was a big fat pain to cut so I stuck with 1 row.

I then placed it on the board and sprayed some "White Primer" by Krylon on it.

I just eye balled it down the board until I covered the whole thing.

Of course, it started raining while I was doing this so I brought it inside to let it dry...

Next stage was cutting out numbers and marks for each inch.  I used my eCraft to cut them out.  You can see the demo I posted a few days ago on how I did that HERE.

I used a ruler to measure and mark the inch marks.

I started the ruler at 1 1/2 feet.  Wasn't sure how tall her son was but thought that would be a safe #.
I used good ol' Modge Podge & added the feet markers like so:

Then I cut up more tick marks for the other inches.

I just started putting them on my marks.

And Walla!  I love how it turned out.  I am loving chevron.  So hot right now...

My friend loved it, which made it all worth it.

Here it is, all wrapped and ready to go.  
haa haa I  used normal lined paper as wrapping for the ease of it since this is an awkward shape. 
Ironically, I love how that looked :)

I think more of these are in the works for my own kids now!
I'm linking up HERE!

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