thrifty thursdays #12

What a week!  So glad it's thursday so I can do some "window shopping" from all your links :)

The Silly Pearl scored on this sewing bin when she opened it up...but you must see what she made with them!

Frugal Ideas from the Parsonage has a really inspiring story about these Vermont Bears she found!

I have a weak spot for vintage toys and I loved B. Inspired, Mama's stash!

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So last weekend was the big flea market over at Apple Annies.  I was able to get there right around 8 am.  There was already a crowd  but it was raining pretty bad so I think that affected the amount of people.  Anyways, here are some things I found there:

This book and also 2 Dr. Suess book for a quarter each. 

Now this lamp, i've been eyeing for  months.  It was in a booth in the mall and I fell hard for it because it's perfect for my son's room.  But the price was $15 and I am a full-fledged cheapo so I waited.  Months and months, I would  check to make sure it was still there, hoping that one day I would have an extra $15 or that they'd lower the price.  well that day came, my friends.  This vendor was at the flea market and was selling this for $5!!!  So I grabbed it without a second thought.  When I got home, I put it up.  So cute!!

suitcase set for $2 & mirror for $1

These next items were from a yard sale that I went to after the flea market.  I wasn't going to go but last second and pulled a U and went and i'm really glad I did.
These were quilt scraps and fun ribbons/strings and such which will be perfect for scrapbooking.

Now this is why I was glad.  See that faded dog on the left?  That would be "susan".  It's my daughter's third arm.  She got it when she was 9 months old from her grandma and it has never left her side.  We've been close to losing it so many times.  So imagine my utter surprise and just sheer amazement when at the  yard sale, I spotted the one on the Right.  For only a quarter.  In perfect condition..."susan" used to look like that...but 5 years is going to take a tole, don't you think?
I seriously almost started crying.  Seriously a miracle.  I grabbed it so fast because i thought others would take it...ya, I was possessed..ha haa
anyways, that was my favorite find.  My daughter was so excited and now has 2 "susans" 

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