eCraft Demo

Let me first begin by saying a big fat THANKS to all you guys.  I can't believe i'm at almost 400 followers.  I really appreciate it!  A giveaway is in the works, trust me.

Second, voting is open for the SNAP contest right now and i need your help!
I'm #6.  
It takes a second to go HERE and just click vote under my entry.  Voting goes until May 25th so it's not for very long!  
If you need to see me plead my case, go HERE.

Alrighty, so I am loving my eCraft and today I get to show you why and how it works.
just. so. simple.
ignore my nasally voice as I have a slight cold....

So ya, details are coming for what I am making with those numbers!
i'm excited and you will be too ;)
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