Whale Sighting!

Could I get any bigger? Seriously!


So my excitement of having this baby decreases as each day passes. I wish I could induce and get this girl out! I'm just too huge to do anything. I lay about the house like a whale. I am no help to anyone, especially JOe. Thank goodness he's not doing anything right now. So he's been such a great help with Emma and cooking. Ok i'm not totally useless. I still can do things, like get out of bed, take care of Emma, feed her, I occasionally make dinner. That's a start right?

So I'm starting a bet on when this girl is going to come. Please, everyone, bet on a date. I'm curious to see when you think she's coming. My due date is the 13th, just to give you some help...but I want everyone to bet! The one closest to the date wins a prize...and i'll think of something really good, don't worry! So cast in your bets and when the fateful day comes, i'll let you know who won!
PS i'm really sad she didn't come yesterday. I wanted her birthday to be 7.7.07 :(

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