And the Winner is...

So thank you all for your input on the sling matter. I was glad to see that there was a favorite amoung you which made it easier for me to choose. #2 was the most popular one but also, the cheapest!! It was the one on sale for $20 and I also had a promo code for $5 off so with shipping, it was $21. Not bad for a great sling. If anyone is interested in getting one, the promo code is "coolmom". Anyways, I ordered it last night so hopefully it'll come before the baby comes. I'm just glad that I don't have to worry about it. Some of you also mentioned that a black one would be nice and I agree. I'm looking for a good priced black one since they don't have one available at A black one would be nice for a bit more dressed up occasions or something...or so I have a brown and black one :) but anyways, today we're introducing Emma to her toddler bed...kind of scary/ sad for me. I think it's worse than letting her cry to fall asleep alone around 4 months...cause now she's aware and can move around. She was crying for a bit and I hate listening to her sad cries. But Joe and I feel, if we took a few days to do it, it wouldn't be long and plus, since Joe isn't in school and doing nothing right now, it would be more helpful for me than to do it later alone cause who knows if I'd stick with it :) So after 45 minutes of cries and sorrows and talking, there was silence and I think she's now asleep. I want to peek in there but I don't want to ruin anything! I was so stupid and didn't install our video monitor we just got to see what she's doing but we will after she gets up. I'm curious to see where she ended up falling asleep or if she figured out that the bed is where she we shall see. So Anyways, i'll keep you posted on that and also any new changes on the baby. Alright, peace out!
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