We're all just pooped


Emma saying, Cheese!

We're all just pooped...literally.
This afternoon, I took a nap while Emma slept. I guess I was just so tired that I didn't hear her wake up. I don't know where Joe was at and if he even heard her either. But whatever the case, I eventually did wake up and turned on the video monitor that we have set up in her room. To me, she was quietly sitting in the corner of bed, talking to her animals. I ask Joe to go get her...since he was closer :) I watch as he comes into the room and just stands next to her bed, looking at her. I didn't quite hear what he said to her but all of the sudden, he grabs her arms, making sure he doesn't touch her and quickly runs into the bathroom. Ok that's not a usual thing for either one of them to do. Emma usually jumps out of bed herself and runs out of the room or Joe picks her up and puts her on his hip or something. So I get up and ask Joe what was going on. He's got Emma sitting next to the sink, washing her off. Then he says, "She took off her diaper and was playing with her poop!" What the heck? I started laughing, "what?" I walk into Emma's room and a whiff of poo hits me. It was the sickest smell ever! I look at where she was sitting,..poop everywhere!! There was poop smeared on her bed and sheets, wall, window sill, stuffed animals, blankets...everything she sleeps with! Along with the smears were pebble poops. And later, as I was clearing out poop products, I found a huge ball of poop hidden under her blanket...LOL just me typing this is making me laugh really hard. And I hate to be descriptive but it has a better effect on the story. You just gotta love kids right? So Joe got all the poop residue off her and put her into the tub and she got a bath. Her room got a bath as well. We cleared out everything and deep cleaned the whole premises. As you can see from above, Emma is quite proud of her work. That was taken after everything was cleaned. I wasn't going to take pictures of the actual poop scene...I didn't htink anyone of you would appreciate the grossness of it all. But I had to share that story since it was her first exploritve voyage into the unknown...the diaper! Sadly, I might regret this later but my mom informed me that I did the exact same thing when I was her age...I even was curious enough to eat it...:( gross I know. Luckily Emma didn't go that far. But it just means that Emma is getting older! It's so weird!

Here are some pictures of Emma and her baby. We're getting her ready for her sister...whenever she decides to come.

Emma giving her a hug


Emma giving her a kiss


Emma giving her another hug but looks like she's breastfeeding or something...

Emma pointing out her facial features to me.

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