Elephants on Parade


Well, like Jaime, I am a sucker for a great sale...like the one I went to at Baby Gap. This adorable little swimsuit was only $7 so I got it. I know, I know, I already got a swimsuit for Emma this year. Well, I was starting to get bugged about the other one. I didn't like how it tied up at her neck because I know it was hurting her and it had shrunk so it looked too small. So when I saw this one, so cheap and so cute, I had to get it! Plus, Emma has been loving Elephants lately. She will do an elephant noise for hours if we didn't say anything else to her.


I got her all ready to go! On monday, we went to Sea World to the water park. We were in that part for not that long. Emma gets really bored and starts to run away and explore. So we hit the Viva show there. It's a really cool show. They have dolphins and boluga whales with jumpers that are all over the place. It's really cool. It was a fun morning but of course, HOT!

So I will post ya'll on what's going on with my huge body. So I had an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday morning. I was a 2 cm and 75% effaced. But before she checked me, she asked if I'd be interested in inducing. Of course! I induced with Emma and total labor time was less than 6 hours. So she talked about that but then also brought up stripping my membrane, which would result in quickening the time, possibly having the baby 24-48 hours later. Sadly, Joe wasn't with me to discuss what to do. yet I knew we both just wanted to get this baby out asap so I agreed to have her strip my membrane...but onlyi after she explained exactly what she'd do...which after it all, wasnt' as bad as I thought it'd be. So she told me that mostly likely I'll go into labor 24-48 hours later but if I haven''t gone into labor by Thursday, to call and schedule to induce for next week. So now i'm still just waiting. I've had more and stronger contractions than before she stripped me ( sounds funny, I know) but nothing consistant really so I feel that maybe it won't work with me. So that's what's going on with me now...I hate this! I got all excited yesterday, thinking that she'd come already but it's just a lost cause and I just have to wait...oh well. I know eventually she has to come out but I want it soon or else she'll be too big to come and i'll have to do a c-section, which isn't not a comforting idea...but I might die before than so i'll miss you all

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