Harry Pothead

Well, one good thing that came out of not having the baby yet is that Joe and I were able to go on a date Tuesday night. Joe's mom came into town Monday to help with Emma while I have the baby. We went up at The Rim theater, which is pretty awesome! We saw Harry Potter (or as Joe likes to say, Harry Pothead) and the Order of the Phonex. Wow, that was such a cool movie. Both of us really enjoyed it. Joe isn't an avid fan like me but still liked it so that was good. It was funny cause we were going to go to another theater, one that was closer but decided to go to the nice one. We got there five minutes to 7 pm. Luckily the 7:00 show was still available and so we went in and there were plenty of seats open. Right as we sat down, the show started. It was perfect :)
So the reason I said that we were going to go to another theater is about 20 min. into the show, the projector stopped so the movie and sound just cut off. It was out for maybe only 5 min. and we missed maybe 20 seconds of the movie, no biggie. After the movie ended, the "manager" or whoever it was says, "We're sorry for the inconvenience earlier in the show. We will be giving all of you free movie passes for this mishap" or something to that nature. Joe and I was stoaked! We were so glad we decided to there. And now we have a free pair of tickets that don't expire till next year. So It was a good night. I think it was we both needed then since what had happened earlier that day. So the movie was great. I'm putting a reserve on book 7 at my local HEB for the 21st. I'll have to get someone to pick it up for me since i'll be in the hospital...hopefully. So i'm excited about that!
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